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How To Choose A Color For Any Room

How To Choose A Color For Any Room

Making a space more than just painted walls

How To Choose A Color For Any Room

House Paint Colors

Create a beautiful, more personalized space

A little tip can go a long way in making a space more than just painted walls. The tips here require very little, if any, extra work, but the payoff is a more designed, more beautiful, more personalized space!

Using Color

Using Color

Color is the best way to transform a room.

  • Color is the one design element that can completely transform a room.

  • Painting is the least expensive and easiest way to refresh a space.

  • Adding color to white walls can make a huge difference, but to be sure you've selected the right color for your space, visit the paint color visualizer.

Choose Paint Color Last

Choose your flooring, fabrics and window treatments first and coordinate your paint color from there.

Don't Hold Paint Chips To Walls

Hold your paint chips next to your furniture, flooring and window treatments to see how it will coordinate.

Interior Color Scheme

Use our color tools to find your perfect interior colors.

Exterior Color Scheme

Use our color tools to find your perfect exterior colors.
Specific Areas

Specific Areas

Learn how to paint different spaces and details like accent walls, ceilings and trim, small room tips and tricks, as well as creating the perfect man cave.

Accent Walls

Choose the most noticeable wall in the room for your accent wall.

Ceilings And Trim

Hide or highlight your ceilings or trim with paint.

Small Rooms

Small Rooms

Covering all the surfaces of a room in one color makes it feel larger.

  • Choose a warm and rich, or soft and soothing hue, and envelope the space in it, including the ceiling.

  • One unified color fades defining lines, which enhances the coziness of the space and makes it feel larger.

Man Caves

Man Caves

Team colors or earthy tones can create a clubhouse atmosphere.

  • These spaces are usually separate from the rest of the house (i.e. garage, game room, media room) so the color here doesn't need to match the rest of the house.
  • Choose a sporty green, earthy brown or favorite team color to create a clubhouse atmosphere.